Liquid bottles of flavor blends in development initially reminded us of chess pawn pieces when sitting on our laboratory tables. From the very beginning, we thought of our liquid much like a pawn.

The official dictionary definition defines a ‘pawn’ as “someone or something that is used or manipulated to further one’s purpose”. It’s also fitting that the game of chess is a sophisticated and complex game (much like our flavor profiles). The pawn in chess only moves forward and is often sacrificed...much like our liquid.

We started in 2012 with five complex and sophisticated flavor profiles that were created for adult users. There are five traditional tastes distinguished by the human palate: sweet, bitter, sour, salty, and umami (which is described as savory). Throughout our entire product offering, Five Pawns has an ingredient component that satisfies each one of the five tastes.  Hence, the name “Five Pawns”.

The strengths of Five Pawns are our people and our insatiable need to serve our customers. We believe that if you empower people (our team members, business partners, and customers), that you create an organization, brand, product, vision, and lifestyle that will inspire others while standing the test of time.

We promise to always innovate while holding true to our core values of people, product, and service. We’d like to welcome you to the Five Pawns family.