Five Pawns BLUE debuts with International Partners

Five Pawns BLUE debuts with International Partners

May 14th, 2018

Interesting parallels between the United States and international markets.

“It was a sensory overload when walking into the Hall of Vape in Stuttgart Germany, with large booths and bright colors all working to attract the attention visitors. We heard many of the same comments from customers and shop owners who visited the Five Pawns booth. Most of the e-liquids being promoted at the show seemed to taste exactly the same. We heard repeatedly how most of the e-liquids being sampled were super sweet with fruit or dessert notes being overpowered with sucralose. It was refreshing to hear from many attendees, that Five Pawns stood out as an adult positioned brand that has always represented it’s products in the most professional manner and without relying on the use of artificial sweeteners. Being different is often difficult but standing alone in our core passion is always the most exciting.

There are some great e-liquid manufacturers in our industry both here and abroad, yet when you look at the overall landscape of e-liquids companies in our industry, there seems to be a common theme…make it overly sweet.

Five Pawns has always believed in creating unique complex flavor profiles without the use of artificial sweeteners. With the launch of our original flavors in 2012, we set a new benchmark for premium natured products. With the recent addition of the previously grandfathered Blue series, we feel we’ve set the bar even higher. The BLUE series utilizes Artisan Sea Salts to enhance the complex flavor profiles and allows for a higher VG product offering. This isn’t something Five Pawns is traditionally known for and is something different than what is commonplace today.”

Gavin Tucker Partner / COO Five Pawns LLC

In this video, Gavin Tucker of Five Pawns, explains some of the attributes of the BLUE sea salted flavor blends at the Hall of Vape show in Stuttgart, Germany.