Introducing Five Pawns Tobacco Flavor Blends

Introducing Five Pawns Tobacco Flavor Blends

October 26th, 2018

Here at Five Pawns, we are proud to have set the standard in nuanced, truly unique e-liquid flavor blending since 2012. We’ve drawn extensively from the culinary world for our inspirations, and our e-liquids have become renowned across the globe for their ability to capture the full range of sweet, sour and savory flavors without the use of coil-killing ingredients such as sucralose. We strive to benefit the industry as a whole by raising the standards for creativity, quality, and consistency – and the community has continually responded to our efforts.

As the e-liquid industry continues to appreciate more mature flavor profiles, we believe that no other vapor product satisfies the refined palate as completely as Five Pawns. Something, however, is missing.

Despite all the advances in the world of e-liquid flavor development, it sometimes feels as though the vaping industry as a whole has lost sight of the fact that thousands of smokers try vapor products for the first time every day. Keeping existing vapers excited and engaged is a noble goal, but what about the people who are just now buying their first vapor devices? Their minds are open, and they want to know if this new technology can be a viable alternative to smoking for them. They’ll base their answers to that question on their initial experiences with vapor products. Are we doing everything that we can for those people?

It’s time to recognize the smokers and tobacco lovers. It’s time to get back to basics. Whether you’re new to vapor products or simply regret the industry’s gradual migration away from tobacco flavors, these three new blends are for you.

Royal Tobacco

With its base note of rich Cuban tobacco, Royal Tobacco captures the bold flavors that cigar lovers crave. To experience the full range of flavors in this dramatic blend, we encourage you to let the vapor roll around in your mouth as if it were real cigar smoke. On the exhale, you’ll detect tropical notes such as mango, pineapple, and grapefruit. Havana leaf isn’t just a treat for tobacco lovers; it’s also an experience for the whole palate. With every inhale, Havana tobacco takes you on a delightful trip to the tropics. That’s the experience we’ve captured with Royal Tobacco.

Elo Tobacco

As familiar as you may be with the world’s most important tobacco leaves, chances are you haven’t had an opportunity to try Brazilian tobacco. Brazilian tobacco hasn’t earned the fame of tobacco from other regions such as Cuba, Virginia and the Dominican Republic. With its mellow notes of coffee, chocolate, and nuts, Brazilian tobacco is a leaf that definitely deserves a more prominent place on the world’s stage. With Elo Tobacco, we’ve augmented the complex flavor of Brazilian tobacco with notes of rich caramel and vanilla along with a hint of sour lime.

Kingside Tobacco

Kingside Tobacco is designed to highlight the best of what many people gave up when they switched from smoking to vapor products. Capturing the flavor of traditional Burley tobacco, Kingside Tobacco brings out the complex, savory flavors of cigarette and pipe tobacco with its notes of hops and barley. As the flavor develops in your mouth, you’ll taste a sweet strawberry note that stimulates your senses and prepares you for the next inhale.