The Best With the Best

The Best With the Best

September 20th, 2019

What do you do when you have reached the pinnacle in a highly competitive long-standing industry? Then you decide to achieve that same presence in a different fast-growing developing industry. You find a partner who expects and has proven to achieve perfection.

Bugatti is proud to announce a collaboration with Five Pawns, a premium e-liquid manufacturer in the USA, to create the ultimate vaping experience. As much as Bugatti is the preeminent leader in artistry and engineering, Five Pawns is world-renowned in terms of creating unique e-liquid flavor profiles.

Bugatti and Five Pawns have joined forces to create the ultimate vaping experience in a closed pod system, introducing the “QUATTRO.”

Utilizing premium e-liquid ingredients, best in class materials, and proprietary nicotine salt, the “Quattro” is the answer to all customers looking for the best vaping experience in a closed pod system.

For over a lifetime, Bugatti has lived at the top. Five Pawns is one of the most experienced in the young, rapidly growing vapor industry...and has already made it to the top, winning awards for their premium e-liquid blends. So, when you combine timeless, impeccable design and unmatched engineering, with the highest quality e-liquids you get the perfect combination of form, function, and flavor to transform how consumers experience vaping.

The “Quattro” has arrived…Experience the best!

For more information on this exciting new partnership please visit Bugatti for further information and product overview.