Kibitzer E-liquid from Five Pawns with a pineapple flavor


Castle Long Reserve E-liquid From Five Pawns: Aged and Steeped in Treated Oak Barrel For Three Weeks

Castle Long Reserve


fruit / dessert / savory / pastry
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Five Pawns Brevity is a sweet e-liquid with a Boston cream pie inspiration, a favorite dessert of Massachusetts. This dessert e-liquid mimics the decadent flavors of a Boston cream pie but is further enhanced with bananas.

Made with dense yellow cake e-liquid flavoring, the cake used is cut into two halves and then sandwiched with a rich, cream filling. This gourmet vape is coated with a thick, milk chocolate frosting and finished with banana slices for a unique take on the classic. A cake more than a “pie,” Five Pawns Brevity e-liquid will satisfy your dessert craving!

30% PG / 70% VG Blend

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Tags fruit, dessert, savory, pastry