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A favorite vape for after-dinner enjoyment, Bowden’s Mate is perfect for parties or social gatherings. Its e-liquid flavors are sure to thrill even the most experienced vaping enthusiasts, an inspiring combination delivering sensations unlike any other product in the marketplace today. A few customer reviews and the e-liquid ingredient list below are worth reviewing for more detail.

50PG/50VG Blend


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The changes that have occurred over the last 10 years in how people consume their nicotine have been quite remarkable, especially, when you consider the lack of innovation that occurred over the previous 100 years.

Five Pawns remains committed to using the highest quality ingredients in all its products. Although doctors have approved vitamin E for consumption and vitamin E acetate for use on skin, the CDC's new report suggests that the substance can prove dangerous when inhaled.
Five Pawns has always made the safety of our e-liquid products a priority. In keeping with this, on June 10th, Five Pawns began including a liquid nicotine flow restrictor on all of its products. The flow restrictor is intended to reduce the risk of children’s exposure to liquid nicotine.
Bugatti is proud to announce a new partnership with Five Pawns to create the ultimate vaping experience. As much as Bugatti is the preeminent leader in artistry and engineering in the automotive world, Five Pawns is second-to-none in terms of vapor flavor. Introducing...the ultimate vaping experience in a closed pod system.